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  • 0319-5689999


  • Western side, Xinxing Road, Western industrial District ,Ningjin City, Hebei Province.

Job title: sales Job category:  sales
Subordinate to the industry: sales Adress:  ShiJiazhuang
The minimum degree:  Undergraduate course release date:  2015-11-10
A resume: Contact:  The manager
Experience in managing:
Nature of work:full-time
Hiring: 2 people
Position monthly salary: 2000-3000 / month
The probation period: three months
Working experience: above 2 years of relevant working experience, can be in accordance with the specific capacity may be extended appropriately
Job description/requirements: 1, Entirely responsible for the area sales work according to the sales plan 2, grasp market dynamic changes of the area, formulate specific regional marketing plan and detailed work process. 3, responsible for the area cooperation hospital relationship maintenance and development of new markets. 4, responsible for the supervision and examination of the area of sales management, business training for sales representative. 5, responsible for the area of all kinds of emergencies emergency treatment. 6, coordinate the company's overall sales strategy, and the area of marketing characteristics of conflict, the flexible use of marketing policy. In July and finish other task of leadership. Job requirements: 1, more than two years of biological cells in the products of the company or medicine (health) marketing experience. 2, more than two years driving experience and skilled driving ?